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Rummo Casarecce 500g

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Enjoy Rummo casarecce pasta with a robust sauce. Casarecce pasta originated from Sicily, but is now served across Southern Italy. We love it with Italian sausage, cream and spinach. Or enjoy in casseroles or tossed with roasted vegetables and olive oil. Rummo casarecce pasta cooks in 9 minutes. 

About Rummo Pasta

Taking your time is key to the Italian way of life, and the Rummo family were traditional. When cooking pasta al dente you need to time it ‘just so’, yet they hated this rigour. The family wanted to create the only pasta certified to remain al dente and keep its shape during cooking. Even when you cook it for too long. 

The Rummo family tested many different flours before finding the perfect durum wheat, and many different production methods before finding the perfect process. And so Rummo's famous method — Lente Lavorazione or ‘relax’ — was born!

Today, each packet of Rummo pasta promises eccezionale tenuta all cottura—“exceptionally firm when cooked”. Whether the pasta cooks for 5 minutes too long in the pan, or it waits in sauce for 20 minutes whilst everyone comes to the table, you will have perfect pasta every time.